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Whole Home Wi-Fi System

  • Whole Home Wi-Fi System

    Powerful & Efficient

    Sleek Design

Our Whole Home Wi-Fi System employs Ubiquiti's Unifi access points, the latest technology for wireless networks.

Each access point is interconnected, communicating with each other and the cloud to provide the strongest signal to your wireless devices. For example, if you are connected to one access point with a tablet, and move to a position where another access point is stronger than the one currently connected, it will automatically switch to it, without disconnecting you!

The access points are placed in optimal locations, to not only cover the entire home but also to counteract and overpower any nearby interference.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi System is ideal for homes 2,000 square feet and up, providing coverage where a normal commercial wireless router wouldn't be able to reach. Combined with our high-speed internet access, you can enjoy the internet the way it was meant to be!

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