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About Us

Living in rural Montana has its benefits. Fresh air, the breathtaking view of the Missouri river, safe and serene, ample space. Who wouldn't want that?

Yet there is a glaring downside. The major internet providers forgo these areas, simply because of the lower population. That is where KDS comes in.

Robert Bialecki, owner of Konceptio Data Service, LLC, faced this very same issue. When he moved to the outskirts of Great Falls, he found that the services outside of the city limits were severely lacking. The only service providers available at the time offered dial-up level speeds, and unreliable service, making life difficult.

In 2005, after searching futilely for a provider with the quality found in big cities, he created MPI Wifi with partners. Having extensive knowledge of all things computer and networking related, Robert took these accomplishments and built it to cater to the rural areas around Great Falls, offering his potential clients download speeds faster and more stable than any other provider could yield, along with knowledgeable, friendly technical support.

In 2007, he established Konceptio Data Service, LLC (KDS for short) and took over MPI Wifi. With satisfied clients praising us to their friends and families, we expanded to offer our high quality internet service to virtually all rural areas surrounding Great Falls, and are now working to build the infrastructure to include the rest of Cascade County as well.

Customer Testimonials

We've been really pleased with KDS. Our connection is solid enough that we can enjoy Netflix, Hulu and Google Play and other streaming services with rarely a hiccup. KDS customer service is awesome as well. Always quick to respond. Highly recommended!